Goal Kenya

Breaking the cycle of teenage pregnancy through football

We believe that this cycle of teen pregnancy can be greatly impacted through Kenya’s most popular sport; football. Through our football programs we have already been able to equip 350 coaches in 8 years to become role models of good character. These coaches often fill the role of a father or mother figure in the lives of the 18,000 boys and girls they work with.

Our programs provide a safe space to play, speak out, learn life lessons from experienced coaches, and receive health and personal hygiene related information and supplies. We are confident that they can impact this serious issue in a positive way.

We invite you to join us to have a greater impact in 2020 by doing even more! Our football programs are where we can have the greatest impact on girls to help them finish their education, create employment opportunities for them, and also support every young person in knowing their value and identity. We invite you to join us with your prayer and financial support and learn more about the work by watching the videos below.