Coaching Training

Having been involved on the front line of football outreach for over twenty years internationally and since 2007 in Kenya, Ambassadors Football has had the opportunity to see first-hand a wide variety of methods and models of work. We love to train individuals in football outreach by providing:
– TREC Courses
– Training Days

At the heart of our training is our desire to educate, envision and enable people from around the world to engage the football culture and their communities effectively so as to bring about transformation.


TREC (Training Resourcing and Equipping Churches/Coaches) is a three-tiered training programme designed to prepare and equip individuals and churches to run football ministry projects in the local community.

The TREC course entails training in the following areas:

  • Biblical foundations and mandates for football ministry and leadership
  • Understanding and developing coaching principles and a coaching philosophy
  • Developing knowledge of the game of football – technical understanding, tactical understanding, phases of play
  • Discovering different models of ministry and outreach to and through football
  • Understanding how to establish a community based vision for football ministry

Each level of TREC is 35-40 hours in duration and includes classroom sessions, field-based sessions and, where possible, practical experience. All candidates will receive a curriculum manual and coaching manual. All candidates must be 18 or over and in good health.

My TREC Coaching course was an experience that I have never had before. The link between the morning devotion, ministry and football was awesome. This course taught me the values of integrating with the community and how one can spread ideas, communication, and the gospel to the society and also solve the community problems through football.”
Abdul Kaka – Football Kenya Federation Chairman in Nanyuki County


Ambassadors Football is committed to providing specific training days for coaches and leaders to help excel at coaching and be an ambassador in football.

For further information on TREC’s and training please CONTACT US and check the EVENTS page for upcoming trainings.