community outreach (2)

Ambassadors Football Kenya started in 2007 working alongside the local church in the development of football ministry in Kenya. The goal is to see a movement of community-based youth football programs where leaders are developed and the gospel of Jesus is proclaimed.

One of the greatest needs in Kenya is the development of leaders among the youth. In Kenya, 65% of the population is under the age of 25, and the rate of unemployment among the youth (15-24) is 1 in 4. There is a vacuum of leadership and an abundance of idleness so our goal is to instill character and principles of leadership based on the teaching of God’s word into kids and youth to grow into leaders of this youth culture.

Ambassadors Football Kenya seeks to address this need through the establishment of locally run youth football programs. To accomplish this goal, the local ministry is training coaches to see that their role coach goes beyond just football. They also are training and equipping churches to engage the youth culture through football programs.

Outreach programs include week-long camps, weekly football clinics, conducting TREC (Training, Resourcing, and Equipping Churches) events, and running football teams to participate in the local leagues.