Each year Ambassadors Football partners with local churches, football clubs, and other organizations across Kenya to deliver Football Camps. These camps are aimed at transforming communities by helping children to grow in their football skills and their relationship with Jesus. Through these partnerships the children that respond to the Gospel during a Football Camp are able to benefit from the love and support of the local church, enabling them to grow in their faith. We believe that as transformation occurs in the individual, it will have a ripple effect on those within their circle of influence and to their community.

Football Camps provide the opportunity to work with developing footballers (ages 3-14 years), by giving them the chance to play and compete in a fun, safe and positive environment. This is achieved by developing techniques and skills through:

  • Technical Sessions
  • Small-sided Games
  • Competitions

Central to this development is an emphasis on enjoyment, faith, and fun; all while demonstrating core sports ethics of fair play and sportsmanship.

Here are a few comments from parents of children that attended our camps:

“Thank you so much for your excellent soccer camp. Our kids had a great week”

“My son had a wonderful time at the camp. He wasn’t too excited about the camp when we first told him but he has since become an ardent soccer player (Lord, protect our windows!). I especially liked the Bible component which helps the children remember that God is a part of every aspect of their lives! To all of you who put the camp together, thank you so much, we definitely would like to be a part of this next year.”

“My child really enjoyed his week. He loved time with his friends, and the coaches were thoughtful and kind.”

Ambassadors Football Camps use curriculum developed by Ambassadors Football called Toward the Goal. We invite you to learn more about the curriculum by visiting the website.