Our Story

With the median age in Africa being 19.5 years according to the United Nations, the need for a father figure cannot be understated. There is great need to; exercise good role modeling, establish a healthy and loving authority, communicate a confident personal identity and also provide a secure environment to grow. With 42% of the Kenyan population under the age of 15, there is a need to have role models who will walk with these children; guiding them by teaching them core values and character.”

To achieve this, we seek to empower coaches who will not only help a child on the field, but off the field as well. A coach has the unique opportunity to transform lives because:

  • The Coach works with children and youth where they love to be – A Child does not necessarily want to be in school or the church, does not want to sit still and listen, but they love to be on a sports field.
  • The Coach works with players at the perfect age – Bending the tree while it is young with much potential to affect change, to instill values and mind-sets.
  • The Coach works with the player repeatedly over a long period of time – Consistent influence activates change.

Once we equip and empower a coach, the coach then impacts the lives of his players who will in turn influence their families.

Our coaches’ development focuses on having an individual fit the roles of a:

  • Sports Coach – Coaches the sport to his/her best abilities and level of learning.
  • Life Coach – Aspires to coach life through coaching sport.
  • Father Figure – Fills the void of absent fathers by living out the roles of a father.
  • Disciple Maker – Lives out his/her faith in front of others and fulfills the great commission to make disciples who make disciples.

Key to a coach’s development is having a mentor coach available who supports and mentors the coaches. Nicholas Macharia who is an Ambassadors Football Kenya staff coached a young boy called Benjamin in the past who has now grown up to be a passionate coach who impacts the lives of the players around him. Please take a minute and a half to watch Benjamin’s story.

2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

We envision transformed individuals and communities through the power of the gospel. Our goal is to have every field in Kenya have an empowered coach who will become a father figure, instill values and model good character to the lives around him/her.