Our Team

Stephen Rigby – National Director

Stephen Rigby was born and raised in Chicago, USA .  He played at Wheaton College in the USA earning All-American honours. Stephan played for the Cleveland City Stars in the USL.  He came to Kenya in 2007 and played for World Hope FC (now Nairobi City Stars) before retiring.  He continued serving with Ambassadors Football as a missionary while he was the General Manager of the Nairobi City Stars from 2009-2011.  He has completed the TREC Level 3.  srigby@ambassadorsfootball.org

Nicholas Macharia – Deputy National Director

‘Masha’ as he is commonly known studied Social Work and has completed TREC level 1,2 and 3. He has also gone through English Premier Skill coaching level 1 & and 2 as well as Coerver coaching course. Nicholas assists the Kenyan National Director with the running of Ambassadors Football. Having grown in the slums for 19 years, his passion is to see the unprivileged community empowered through football ministry. He combines his social work skills with the coaching skills to achieve this.  nmacharia@ambassadorsfootball.org

Samuel Kinyanjui – TREC Coordinator & AFTC Manager

Born in Nairobi, ‘Kinyash’ is a young enthusiastic person who is passionate about football. He joined Ambassadors football in 2003 as a player and has completed both TREC 1 and 2. Apart from Ambassadors Football, he is also the team manager at Nairobi City Stars Football Club which participates in the Kenya Premier League. When he isn’t involved in football, Kinyash loves eating ugali, swimming and socializing with his family and friends.  skinyash@ambassadorsfootball.org

Ricky Mwati – Program Development

‘Ricky’ has grown up in Nairobi, Kenya and has spent the past 3 years coaching sports. His expertise revolves around soccer and his wish is to deliver world class coaching through professional training and experience. Off the field Ricky is a teacher (mwalimu) and assists in various capacities at his local church.  Ricky remains passionate about the gospel of Jesus, youth empowerment and welfare improvements for the majority of Kenyans. He is also our prayer coordinator.  rmwati@ambassadorsfootball.org

Josephine Waithira – Administrator & Office Manager

Josephine is a young lady who has a zeal for the work of the Lord. She liked football when she was young and even played in school but due to lack of motivation her passion for football died. She is now glad to work with people who love, play and use football to reach out to world. Josephine loves writing and hanging out with friends when she is not working.  jwaisay@ambassadorsfootball.org

Tiberius Muthomi – Club Coordinator

Tibe finished his High School Course in 2011 and joined Ambassadors the same year. He completed TREC Level 1 in 2014. A very talented player, Tibe has played with Petra Boys FC, ICC FC, and Naivas FC. Tibe coaches our home school programs during the week and helps coordinate Ambassadors FC at Rosslyn on the weekends. His passion is to see young people grow spiritually and physically.  tmuthomi@ambassadorsfootball.org

Brian Wainaina – Business Development & Marketing

Brian is among the youngest Ambassadors. A devoted Manchester United fan, He loves football and enjoys working off the field doing marketing as well as communication for Ambassadors Football. He also helps coordinate Ambassadors FC at Rosslyn. He has a passion for ministry and loves to serve. When not in the office, he is either eating or interacting with his friends and family.  bwainaina@ambassadorsfootball.org

Hesbon Shake – Club Coordinator

Shake is a talented footballer. Fueled with a passion for ministry, Shake assists in the running of our club at Imara. Joining Ambassadors in 2014 he is a favourite to his colleagues and the children he coaches. Shake completed both TREC 1 and 2 and also coaches in our home school programs. Shake loves watch a good Manchester United game. He also loves having gospel centred fellowships and listening to Jesus music.  hshake@ambassadorsfootball.org

Raphael Laparan – Intern

Raphael is a committed team player who loves reaching out to the lost. He has completed TREC level 3 and uses his coaching experience to impact the lives of those he coaches. He helps manage the children’s club and assists the office in creativity and design. He is an Arsenal supporter and loves fellowship and playing football with his friends.  rlaparan@ambassadorsfootball.org

Kate Agosa-Assistant Admin

Kate loves football and is passionate about reaching out to people and communities. She has completed TREC 1&2 and helps co-ordinate our Home-school program. She is extremely good with children and has brought up a vibrant Under 5 team which has players as young as 3 years. kagosa@ambassadorsfootball.org

Mary Wanjiru – Intern

Mary attended our TREC coaching course in 2019 with the sole purpose of gaining coaching knowledge to land a nice job. Over the week, she had an great encounter with God and surrendered her life to Jesus. She is now passionate about spreading the gospel and sharing the overwhelming love she experienced to all people. Mary currently helps lead one of the Ambassadors Clubs located in West Nairobi School in Karen.  mwanjiru@ambassadorsfootball.org

Alex Mutinda – Intern

Widely known as ‘Coach Kidesh’, Alex has been a volunteer coach with the Ambassadors Club at Imara. He values excellence in football and this has made him a great coach to the children in the club. He is also a passionate evangelist and uses his gifting to share the gospel widely. Coach Kidesh helps co-ordinate the club at ICC Imara.  amutinda@ambassadorsfootball.org

Hezron Omwenga – Financial Accountant

Hezron is an experienced accountant with a love for Jesus. He left a corporate job to serve with Ambassadors in ministry. Apart from Accounts, Hezron uses his corporate experience to help with the Business development arm of Ambassadors. Hezron is also a father and loves reaching out to people. He plays a key role in our outreach programs as well.  homwenga@ambassadorsfootball.org