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Ambassadors Football recognise that football clubs and academies can form the framework and provide the essential support for the game from grass roots up to the highest professional level. The Teams/Clubs/Academy concept has been fundamental in our development as an organisation and has been central to our methodology. Our involvement has spread the full breadth of team football from grassroots and amateur level up to running a professional club.

At the heart of our vision is a desire for Teams/Clubs/Academies to form communities in partnership with local churches so that individuals can thrive and flourish both on and off the field through the delivery and facilitation of programmes.

Ambassadors Football aim to provide support to those involved in clubs by:

  • Providing resources for people to use.
  • Providing well-run tournaments and events.
  • Provide training and internships.
  • Providing support – All Ambassadors staff have been involved in these programmes and love to support others. This can be helping with coaching, meeting up to discuss and pray or being available via email or phone.

You can keep updated with all our news and events by signing up to be a partner/associate.

In addition to the supporting role we play in other clubs, we have our own programs running throughout Nairobi.

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